Slaad Hexos

Death Slaad
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The Slaad Hexos were six elite guards that served Tarâk in the Creation War. Each of these guards were mortal humanoids mind altered, linked to their master, and fanatically loyal. Historians say the Slaad Hexos were so loyal to their master that they would throw themselves into the line of fire to protect him.

Tarâk and his guards were altered when they delved deep into the world Bal-Kriav. They followed the deepest bore-hole left behind by Krephus. At a depth of around 5,000 miles, an army of slave elemental miners began digging the last two hundred miles to a ribbon of entropy called the Decomposition String. The lead taskmaster of the dig, an enslaved earth titan, warned Tarâk that not even his near-divine status would protect him from the raw chaos emanating from the Decomposition String. Tarâk did not heed this warning, he was driven, he needed a powerful energy source to power a great bore-like device. As a result of exposure to the Decomposition String, Tarâk and the Slaad Hexos became infused. Tarâk got his warp matter at the expense of his body and morality. His Slaad Hexos suffered even more as their master gathered his warp matter. Shielding him from the entropic tendrils that whipped about, each guards was struck multiple times. The guard Ssendam fattened and elongated into a purplish worm body from the torso down to a tail with a poisonous stinger. The guard Yanghast changed to a blob of pulsating flesh with multiple flailing appendages, the only thing left from her original form are her white orbs - with one in two of the four appendages of the monstrosity. The other four Slaad Hexos became frog-like humanoids of varying color and size, the first Slaadi.

In the God Era, the guards were tracked down, removed from the Mortal Systems. They were sent to Limbo, where successive generations called themselves the Scions of Slaadi, which eventually just became the Slaadi. The four branches of slaadi that came from the Slaad Hexos are the death slaadi, gray slaadi, green slaadi, and the blue slaadi.

Slaad Hexos
NameWhat they became
Anta'palosblack slaad
Dy'gomblue slaad
Omphupulaxgray slaad
Ssendamunique, slaad lord
Talotraxgreen slaad
Ygorl, a slaad lord, along with the red, mud, and other types of slaadi that came later were a product of creation by either the Slaad Hexos or some other being.
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