Nature Energy


Nature energy is what powers druidic spells and the fey. For the fey, nature energy is akin to the life energy of many mortals, and when they die this energy either becomes Soul Energy or for the non-sentient, absorbed by the area around it. The absorption of a lot of nature energy in one area leads to an area of concentrated nature energy. In these areas druidic spells work better and nature is said to be at its strongest. Some treants and other sentient fey take part in the One With the Land Ritual. This causes their soul energy to be converted into nature energy upon death. The pockets of concentration in Gwaelergoth were created in this manner, yet it is rumored this was done with a few not so willing subjects.

A great number of fey were captured and sacrificed for the greater good - or so the Gwaelergoth Circle preached. Their noble sacrifice saved the Khazarkars from being overwhelmed by Hive Swarms. By saving the Khazarkar, they gave them time to build up their defenses and preserve Gulimbor from plaques of insects.

- Benazân, of the Gwaelergoth Circle - "Noble Sacrifice"

When a mortal or other living being becomes made up of more nature energy than life energy, they become a fey. This process is called transcending.

Energy Composition
AbilityRequired AmountExamples
Nature Sense5%1st lvl druids, most animals and beasts
Trackless Step8%3rd lvl druids

Nature Sense

Nature Sense allows one the ability to detect whether water is tainted. If also sentient, they can can identify plants and animals with perfect accuracy.

Trackless Step

As the druid ability of the same name.