Avalas is one of four worlds of the Acheron system. It is a world of ruins, battlefields, and rising and dying empires. It has been invaded by armies from all of Nawirrûs's worlds. Units, armies, and others in conflict, sometimes find themselves near a fog bank, an avenue of retreat or something to investigate. The stories of this fog of war are many, told across countless cultures. Known as the Avalas War Call, those that enter this fog find themselves on the battlefields of Avalas. They may wander, join some cause, or be forced to do battle. After a few weeks, a few months, and sometimes a few years, those that survive Avalas's never-ending conflicts are returned from whence they came.

Avalas is a breeding ground for proselytizers. They are trained on this world by those in service to a Higher Power or one aspiring to be. Early in the Lith-Crillion Era, Orcus was the first to infiltrate units marooned on Avalas by a phenomenon known as the Avalas War Call. Trained men and woman of the cloth, join as mercenaries, healers, and even servants. The end goal of this was to spread the word of their patron to the Mortal Systems, that part of the Void that serves as the focus for the required divine power to make one a Higher Power.

- from book two of the Avalas Strategies - "Proselytizer Training Grounds"

In the Lith-Crillion Era, the goblin warlord Maglubiyet, with the backing of a demon lord, invaded Avalas. They came by the Avalas War Call. Maglubiyet went on to conquer many lands and peoples. His Gob'biyet Empire controlled continents, islands, and even places under the seas. Several millennia later, the reign of this empire's founder came to an end. On 21 Hollow 588 HE, Maglubiyet was slain by an orc hero named Gruumsh. Gob'biyet had a new master. Gruumsh seized part of Maglubiyet's divine power, thereby becoming a Higher Power by conquest. He has ruled Gob'biyet ever since.

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