Aerie of Dragons

land of the dragon-bloods
AliasLeret Dovah
Climatesub-tropical to subarctic
Hiznaar GozKrein JuskLok Gevild
Iizus YeldahEnkii Jusk

Shortly after the formation and stabilization of Sphere 411, the Creationist, and first dragon Bruh Kreniik put a young green dragon named Hurguulich in the region Leret Dovah, the Aerie of Dragons. Hurguulich was one several put here to take their place on the newly formed world. They were to be guardians against the coming Primordial onslaught.

Leret Dovah is Draconic for Aerie of Dragons. Many of the names of the region are Draconic, named by Bahamut's cartographers in the God Era. At the time the region was hotly contested, with the demons battling the Covenant in the Demon Spawn War and two side wars, the Hoof Front and the First Dragon Wake (9251 GE - 9269 GE) waged between the armies of Bahamut and his former general Tiamat. Many of the region are descendants of those that once fought under the banners of these two dragons. Two examples are the Khage from the Hammers of Khage that served under Munkar Khage and the Vex Viing, descendants of Bahamut's reconnaissance battalion, the 222nd.

Long known for its dragons, Leret Dovah's most storied are Amaglothorn, Apocalypse, Glagengrane, Hurguulich, and Sebgult.

In the Lith-Crillion Era, this region was the stomping grounds of the dragons. In the next age, the Horgon Era, dragon supremacy fell with the rise of Zeymah'kein and Mir'piamauza. Rogue dragons were killed or driven away, others joined the ranks of those they once hunted. Late in the Horgon Era, after the fall of these two empires, the region became a land of petty warring states. Those that lasted are the empires Ag Envok, Lahvirn Piiv, Lum Trumgol Mir, Thashangriel, and the city-state Zomaar Yelvaad.

The dragon cult Vith Alok has long had a presence in this region. This cult and its cells are responsible for toppling empires and stirring up problems, yet have proven the most skilled at curbing dragon power. Instead of allowing the chaos that usually ensues with dragon rule, they seek to dominate dragons and have them serve the interests of Vith Alok or its allies.

The subterranean region directly under the Aerie of Dragons is Adunamar.

Region Maps
Cities of the Aerie
City 22FoundedElevation
Tulukhan1985 DE750'
Amphitrite4544 DE-200'
Pardhaer8980 GE70'
Bruh Gevul9255 GE8200'
Diiv Revakaad9310 GE650'
Merenwen9392 GE-400'
Sahqo Nah9415 GE700'
Du'ul Hiim2880 LE7400'
Gaard Goraag525 HE6200'
Tyk-Culten526 HE80'
Suf Sungaar643 HE2300'
Vaknor Gevild888 HE500'
Irthorn980 HE1000'
Zomaar Yelvaad1122 HE800'
Berrobess1239 HE120'
Kel'gah1610 HE140'
Valdrek Jusk279550'
Ag Staaz351200'
Yol Kahest4724200'