Aerie of Dragons

land of the dragon-bloods
AliasLeret do Dovah
Climatesub-tropical to subarctic
Hiznaar GozKrein JuskLok Gevild
Iizus YeldahEnkii Jusk

Shortly after the formation and stabilization of Sphere 411, Bruh Kreniik put a young green dragon named Hurguulich in a region that would one day become known as the Aerie of Dragons. Hurguulich was put here along with many other young dragons of different colors, and in time they would spread outward across the world.

In the God Era, this region was called Leret do Dovah, which is Draconic for Aerie of Dragons. It was given this name by the dragon Bahamut. His cartographers are responsible for naming many of the region's areas. At the time they were mapping and naming the region, Bahamut was allied with the angels battling the demons in the Demon Spawn War. During this greater war two smaller mini-wars were fought in this region. The first was the Hoof Front, and the second was between the armies of Bahamut and his former general Tiamat. This latter war came to be known as the First Dragon Wake. The Aerie is littered with the ruins of these ancient wars.

The high concentration of dragon-bloods in the Aerie of Dragons is often attributed to the First Dragon Wake. Some tribes, clans, and families have blood-lines to those that fought in the First Dragon Wake and the Demon Spawn War. The Khage come from the Hammers of Khage which served under Munkar Khage. The Vex Viing are descendants of Bahamut's reconnaissance battalion, the 222nd.

The Aerie of Dragons is in the southeastern part of Brucrumus. The southern and western border of this region is the Sea of Mourning and Morwuld Briin, respectively. This region has very high mountains, great canyons, densely forested valleys, deep lakes, smoking rifts, volcanoes, fast-moving rivers, icy plateaus, and bitterly cold glacial areas. The mix of temperature is a product of a number of anomalies scattered about this vast region.

The Aerie of Dragons is the abode of many dragon-bloods. Since the earliest oral history, this region has been the source of where many dragons have come from. Some of the greatest dragons of history were born in this region. Some of the most well-known names include Aggorath, Amaglothorn, Apocalypse, Glagengrane, Hurguulich, and Sebgult.

Many of the place names of the region are Draconic words. This is a product of the high number of dragon-bloods in the region and location naming by Bahamut, Tiamat, and later the Arkhosians.

During the Lith-Crillion Era, dragons reigned supreme over this region. This supremacy was broken during the reigns of Arkhosia and Bael Turath. After the fall of these empires, the region resorted to warring empires and often short-lived rulers. When not adding to their treasure hoard, the dragons of this region fight among themselves, recruit minions, and engage in schemes to acquire more power, or are themselves forced to serve some greater power. The non-evil dragons and civilizations of the region are typically found in remote areas. There are very few good dragons in the Aerie of Dragons.

The Aerie of Dragons is often said to be the most dangerous region of Brucrumus. It has suffered the ravages of many wars and seen vast conflagrations; a direct result of volcanic activity and the high concentration of red dragons dwelling in this area. As much as the fire-dwellers enjoy such spectacles, other species, like green and blue dragons, do not want to see the landscape turned to ash and ruin. Sometimes, they work in concert to bring the depredations of the reds to an end.

Vith Alok has a considerable presence in this region. This cult and its cells are responsible for curbing dragon power in the Aerie. Instead of dragons ruling, they seek to dominate dragons and have them serve the interests of Vith Alok or its allies.

The Underdark region beneath the Aerie of Dragons is called Adunamar. This light-less land is almost as dangerous as the surface above it.

Region Maps
Cities of the Wyrms
City 22FoundedElevation
Tulukhan1985 DE750'
Amphitrite4544 DE-200'
Merenwen8780 GE-400'
Pardhaer8980 GE70'
Bruh Gevul9255 GE2800'
Diiv Revakaad9310 GE650'
Sahqo Nah9415 GE700'
Du'ul Hiim2880 LE2400'
Gaard Goraag525 HE2200'
Vaknor Gevild888 HE500'
Irthorn980 HE1200'
Zomaar Yelvaad1122 HE800'
Laat Viidost1239 HE120'
Kel'gah1610 HE140'
Valdrek Jusk279550'
Ag Staaz351200'
Yol Kahest4724200'
Suf Sungaar13142300'