RegionAerie of Dragons
BuiltDawn Era

The Godstone was built by Ares and Tarâk. It is a 200' tall obelisk etched with runes. The runes tell the story of them creating a colossal hecatoncheires. The gods and their minions erected massive iron scaffolding towers. Ares and Tarâk then used their divine powers to forge a monster of unimaginable power and size.

The runes go on to explain the might of this monster as it tears through the armies of the primordials and turns the tide of the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE).

When the hecatoncheires came to life, the land buckled and erupted upwards. This explosion of earth and rock created a ring of mountains that came to be called Rah Burdah. The enormous construction site around the monster was shattered and blown across the surrounding mountains and valley. The iron from the scaffolding towers became infused with dark power; becoming known as Demiurgic Iron.

The Kriistvrii settlement of Viing Prolgiid was built around the Godstone. When Viing Prolgiid was reduced to ruins, the kobolds refused to stay in the area for fear of something ancient and dark that seemed to be part of everything in the area.