Koul'qar Trod'ghar

Malurn is a region of the continent Gorejun. It is west of Vhurghad. According to a Scroll of Dawn, it was originally named Thazdûd which is Dwarven for "hot plate". It was named by Danzar-Khâl.

In the Creation War, a large tract of Malurn became a land of unnatural black ice.

The ice of Perge'khas is so black and cold that light seems drawn into it, snuffing out torches in a tenth of their normal burn time, and it sucks heat from the living like in the presence of a brown mold.

- Danzar-Khâl, from a Scroll of Dawn - "The Ice Queen"

The unnatural black ice that swept across the region was caused by the primordial Cari'phis. In the Creation War, she sought to create a land mirroring her icy waste Zy'gaz. To counter this threat, the Covenant commander Danzar-Khâl constructed element changing devices at the head of sector Gatheghu. This was done to combat the extreme cold emanating from the black ice wastes of Malurn. These devices are the Felân-Akthûl, and without them angel types less than astral devas could not last long in such temperatures. When the primordials were driven from the Mortal Systems, much of this ice melted away leaving lakes of black lifeless liquid. The stuff is heavier their water, near the bottom of some of the region's lakes. It is a potent liquid called Cari'phis Spittle.

When the Dûlan-Nûl Firestorm rained down upon Bal-Kriav, Sava'khar underwent a cataclysmic change with the land sinking several hundred feet. The Gûrkimâdda claim that the sinking of the land was more a cause of the destruction of the World Splitter rather than fragments of Dûlan-Nûl.

Malurn has enormous amounts of iron scattered across its broken burning landscape. One of these deposits is so large that it is recorded as a mountain. This unusual peak is Angaz Karag. It was part of the iron core of the moon Dûlan-Nûl. A lot of the debris from the Dûlan-Nûl Firestorm ended up in this region. Unfortunately, the alien iron deposits are often hard to procure. This is because numerous metallic creatures, many of epic proportions and strength, and other mighty creatures roam the land, destroying any interlopers of the region. These alien creatures, some natural and others constructs, are believed to have lived inside the core of Dûlan-Nûl. When this moon broke apart, some rode the rocks through the Void and then fell to Bal-Kriav. The Mezrack came to this world inside of one of these fragments, for then they lived inside the god-made marvel World Splitter.

Until it was understood, the vast metal deposits of this region caused havoc to compass-using navigators. The Splintering Shoals got their name from the numerous ships, most traveling by night, which became shipwrecked on Gorejun's reefs.


In 1052, the Branda Expedition explored parts of Gorejun. This group was sponsored by the powerful Branda family of Paradomea City. In their notes they say they somehow found a path through Felakgathar's rugged and hazardous terrain:

After careful examination of the orbital pattern of several of Quara'tun's planets, I have concluded that Ilabizdum used to have a fourth moon. I surmise that this moon collided with the planet long ago and produced a meteor shower that rained down upon Malrun.

I tell you the above as a way of giving you some background. I have read the journals of several expeditionary forces that have gone into this land. They vary in detail and description but they all tell of a "metal mountain". I have also examined some of material brought back from this mountain and found it to contain a purer form of steel [see Afterlog] than previously known on Bal-Kriav. A valuable find indeed.

My theory is that this 'Mountain' (c.f. Ironspire) is whatever was left of one of the meteors from Core. All of the journals have spoken of a creature that protects or roams the land surrounding the Metal Mountain. One entry has dubbed it the "Flexing Behemoth". According to the owner of the journal this creature wiped out his entire party. He described it as a "gargantuan humanoid, a full span above a Titan. The creature appears sexless and hairless. Its strength was beyond measure and it hurled boulders the size of small houses at us. Our party was devastated as its final attack was a 'muscle flex'. The creature reached into the sky and then flexed his muscles as if squeezing an unknown foe between its massive hands. The reverberations that emanated from the creature during this attack leveled the surrounding hillside, killed my mount instantly and has left me with constant headaches."

I am humbly submitting this journal as an invoice to request funds for expeditionary forces of my own to this Steel Mountain, obtain mineral rights and learn the truth of this creature.

-Bind Vrath, 2nd Librarian of the Temple Alexia, to the Board Paradomea XI Exploration

Bind Wrath is incorrect in this statement. Steel is produced from a special refinement process used with iron, from this process steel is produced from iron. Steel is not a naturally occurring material. The librarian probably met "purer form of iron". A decade later, it was learned from another expedition that the "flexing behemoth" is actually a iron colossus.

The Underdark region beneath Malurn is Azurâg.