Last Saints of Gûn

RegionLands of Purity
Alignmentlawful good

In the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504), the Last Saints of Gûn were three dwarven high priests that were killed by the Black Tide leader Katrana. They were the religions leaders, "resistance fighters" of the Gûn city-state Maharâg. As a result of the stiff resistance this city put up to the Black Tide, Katrana had them sent away to be tortured. They ended up in three Psyche Breakers. They remained immersed in these tanks for ninety years, seventy of that still alive, forgotten, thought lost to the ravages of the Black Tide. The three prisoners remained alive so long because of bracelets of regenerative magic, feeding them enough life energy to keep them alive. Two centuries later, Katrana was to say that she simply forgot about those unfortunate prisoners,

It was huge war, a lot of moving parts, we had stuff on land, in the seas, and forces moving through the Underdark. Lot of players, I forgot about them, they weren't the first to have something like this happened to them.

- missive sent from the The Ossicles traitor Maldan to Mazir

In 1571, loot seekers busted into Fell Post. They battled through the place's undead and into a secret room holding three immersion tanks. They took the bracelets from what looked to be dead bodies preserved in some magical liquid. These bracelets had regenerative magic in them, they are what kept Kûl Sizdu, Khâl-Zind, and Mazir alive for seventy years, enduring daily physical and mental pain. When the bracelets were removed, they died.

In 1591, forty years after the Black Tide had been driven out of the Lands of Purity in the Athenian Crusade (1539 - 1551), the bones of these priests were found and resurrected. These vengeful saints, agents of good, dedicated themselves to destroying undead and bringing down the Black Tide.

In 1711, the Last Saints of Gûn slew Katrana's physical form. A island of undead around them, they had no time to find the lich's phylactery so they could only pray that their holy poison would delay her return. This poison, the Sweat of Danzar-Khâl, forced Katrana to forget the location of her spirit vessel. It wasn't till 1810, 99 years later, that she found her phylactery and begin the process of rebuilding her physical form.

When Katrana fell reeling from the Sweat of Danzar-Khâl, the Last Saint Kûl Sizdu said:

This will not kill her, but will begin the division and then downfall of the Black Tide.

- Kûl Sizdu, of the Last Saints of Gûn - "Divide and Conquer"

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