At the southwestern edge of the Flaming Belt is a monolithic structure shaped like a maul with the business end resting on the ground. The maul head is 400' long and 280' wide and constructed of an otherworldly stone parted from the Endless Wall. The haft of the maul is made of lava stone that rises 360' skyward where it tapers to a point. This enormous structure was built in the Dawn Era by Danzar-Khâl. He named it Felân-Dûl after the top engineer who manged the building of it. The structure is not only a monument to a great person but one that also serves as the end point for defense that spans the length of Vhurghad and into Malurn. The start of this defensive network is Felân-Akthûl, better known to most as the Felân-Akthûl. At this northern point, ocean water is drawn into the Jetties where it is transformed into three rivulets of lava that merge to form the lava river Lyrmadis. This lava river flows through the Flaming Belt and ends at Felân-Dûl. Once at this end point, the lava touch a shimmering wall of energy which transforms the lava back into water. This water flows out the other side of the structure where it continues westward where it joins with the black waters of Gilan-Gûlin.

Felân-Dûl has barely visible closed apertures all about its surface. In the Creation War these were used to launch missile fire and spray gouts of lava at attackers. After the war, the place was sealed up by Danzar-Khâl's security forces. There are no records of anyone getting into the place since it was locked up.