Khalâns Embrace

Indal'pox, cambion double agent
ForgeHabazan Bellow

In the Demon Spawn War, an angelic secret agent named Khalân, serving under Naraz-Nâru, fell to the natural charms of a cunning cambion agent. This half-demon was a double agent, one that remained as such for the rest of the war and was responsible for Khalân's downfall. The cambion Indal'pox seduced Khalân and gathered such intelligence that led to the loss of a battle between one of Naraz-Nâru's armies and those under the whip of the demon prince Ahnuthall. When found out, the damning info passed on by Indal'pox, Naraz-Nâru sent his former agent in chains before the judiciary branch of the Quara'tun Covenant. Khalân got off easy, with Danzar-Khâl urging leniency (probably because she was a Turkûn). She was banished from service under the Quara'tun Covenant. Additionally, all those serving the pact could not render service to her unless it was life-saving. With this sentence, Khalân was in a bad state for she was now trapped between battlefields of demons and angels that were sprinkled across vast areas of Bal-Kriav.

Khalân, dejected from being kicked out of the angelic pact, grew vengeful. Out of necessity, mainly survival, she decided to join a mortal mercenary force that was unknowingly serving the demons. This group ended up being rooted out with Khalân again falling into the hands of Naraz-Nâru's forces. This time her sentence was much worse. Khalân was stripped of her material form for the duration of the war. The records of Khalân state were lost when the bastion Dul-Kiz fell to the demons. The place was ravaged and anything not destroyed in the demon rampage was carried off as booty.

In the Horgon Era, an incorporeal Khalân was found by the gnoll shaman Sadî. The self-proclaimed "spirit talker" used her witchery to detect lost spirits, finding Khalân. The spell Trap the Soul was then used to bind Khalân's to a receptacle, then forged into a now sentient trident.

The magical powers of this weapon are based largely on Time. They were a gift to Sadî from Chronos, done to spread his gospel among the gnolls that revered Sadî. In the Canines, Sadî and Khalâns Embrace headed up the conversion of the these gnolls to the gospel of Chronos.

Khalâns Embrace is a +5 three-tined iron trident. It is inscribed with distorted images of things suffering the effects of time displacement and aging. It radiates a dull gray aura with ghostly trails of smoke endlessly rising from the tines. The air around the weapon is sometimes distorted, which can sometimes result in a displacing effect on the wielder and anyone within 10'.

Communicationspeech and telepathy
LanguagesAbyssal, Primordial, Supernal
Powers - as 20th lvl caster
Khalân's Fate -3 to Luck continuous
Chronos Watches 10% chance per encounter of causing minor displacement to all within 10'continuous
Bodily Decay with each hit causes an additional 1-4hps of damage to the livingcontinuous
Haste as the spell2/day
Dimension Door as the spell1/day
Time Stop as the spell1/week
Return to Dust being struck by the weapon requires a Foritude DC25 or suffer five years of aging and five years each day thereafter (no save on subsequent days). For dispel purposes this curse is equivalent to being cast by a 20th level caster. The curse can be ended with a heal or greater spell, though these do not remove any aging that has already occurred. This unnatural aging requires a system shock roll each time that aging happens. This effect happens 1/round and the wielder is subject to this curse if they strike them selfcontinuous
Famine and Ruin Cause drought and famine in a 1 mile/radius per level of the wielder. All plant-life in the area of effect will wither and die over the course of one month and rainfall will be non-existent for period of six months. A 18th or higher-level caster can dispel this effect. The use of this power is very dangerous and will very likely attract high-level druids and other creatures that will seek out the cause of this destruction. Use of this power requires a Will DC25 or loss of 1 point of wisdom. This is a divine curse that is in effect as long as Aredhel remains a Higher Power. The lost wisdom point can only be recovered with a Wish spell 1/month