RegionMalurn, Vhurghad
MapFelakgathar Mountains

The Felakgathar highlands are a product of the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE). In an effort to stop the black ice of Perge'khas, the spearhead of a primordial invasion, an Arch-Creationist named Danzar-Khâl terraformed the landscape of eastern Gorejun, creating a wall of mountains, wastelands and great depressions. These highlands along with the marvels of Felân-Akthûl and magma of Lyrmadis eventually stopped the otherworldly ice of Perge'khas.

Today, Felakgathar is a mountain range dotted with volcanoes, home to cinder swarms, Fyrreid, fire elementals, and several petty fire giant kingdoms. According to a Scroll of Dawn, the fire giants that came to live in this area were from a deal between Surtur, foe of the previous war but reluctant ally of the Demon Spawn War, and Danzar-Khâl:

Section 1, Surtur, set your minions to guard Felakgathar from the primordials and minions imprisoned beneath and in Malurn. Do this, and I will call off the dogs. You can have your place among the mortals and even take some as worshipers if that suits you.

- Danzar-Khâl, to Surtur, at the gates of Svaer Hodgrolf - "Making of the Felakgathar Contract"

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Notable Resources
  • Basalt
  • Steel