Obyrith Deceiver
MapPerge'khas Wasteland

Perge'khas is a vast broken plain of un-melting black ice. This unnatural ice is a remnant of a glacier that long ago, rapidly advanced across Gorejun. This came about in the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE) when the Covenant general Danzar-Khâl and the primordial Cari'phis battled it out here. Cari'phis unleashed this black ice on Bal-Kriav, a snaking, fast moving glacier. It served as a bridge between Sea of Entropy and the world Bal-Kriav. Inside this glacier were fortresses and icy tunnels linking them up. It was a war machine serving the Primordials desire to undo Creation.

The glacial flow was under mental control of Cari'phis. She guided it across the land at a pace that could see it cross the continent in a few years. Danzar-Khâl employed a number of measures to slow this advance, the most notable being the Felakgathar Mountains and the seawater to lava conversion that takes place at Felân-Akthûl.

Upon Cari'phis's capture, she lost control of the glacial flow causing it to rapidly melt and shrink in size with the end coming when it bound itself up like a cat.

It was Athena's decision, much to Danzar-Khâl's consternation, to imprison her in Denerra, rather than dispatch her like Cari'phis had done to so many of our own.

- Ditherra, of the Golden Seven, from the Golden Tablets - "Subdual of Cari'phis"

The black icy wastes of Perge'khas are locked in place, no longer moving or growing in size. The area's ice is bitter cold to the touch, yet things live on it and within it. Many of those that live here are descendants of Cari'phis's invasion force - ice mephits, frost trolls, frost giants, and ancient bestial creatures that would be classified as demons by most, but are in fact called obyriths.

The ice of Perge'khas radiates chaos and evil. This is because it is elemental ice infused with evil energies. The elemental ice is stuff of Chaos, while the evil energies came from what is termed Threads of Damnation. These "threads" were tendrils of chaos and evil energy that worked their way outward from the Step of Foundation and then across the worlds that make up the Abyss.

Inside Perge'khas are snaky lines of tunnels that circle around towards the center. Along these are ruins and some intact fortresses that were made during the Creation War and after. The residents of these places and those that prowl the tunnels or raid the lands around are generally evil to the core.

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