Mithrallum is a dead star, its energies devoured long ago by the continuous entropy at the universe's heart. In the Dawn Era, a group of rebels came to this glittering silver gray sphere, an object over ten-thousand miles across. In a crack the size of a canyon, the first dragon Bruh Kreniik and his allies planned for the coming war. Their actions, creating stability and long-lasting things like worlds and all the things that went into them, hallmarks of Creationists, made them targets of the primordials and their minions.

At their base Kiindah Gonmaar, "Creations Inception", Bruh Kreniik and his allies knew it was only a matter of time, even in the vastness of Chaos, before they were found. They planned and coordinated their works of Creation. They would create them in numbers, girding them with new lifeforms with a purpose above entropy.

- Zyvie, record keeper to Piranoth, Dawn Era, excerpt from her book Dawn's Beginning

Mithrallum is entirely composed of a metal that was named after it, Mithril. All of the mithril that ended up on the worlds created outside of Chaos, came from Mithrallum. As a result of this depletion, the core of Mithrallum is like a honeycomb. This extraction of material was not done by hand, so navigating these tunnels, cuts, and pockets is extremely difficult.