Emperors Law

Typejustice system

The constitution of the Orchish Empire is called the Emperors Law. The laws are inscribed in massive codices and span more than twenty volumes. They are clear evidence that law and order course through the Orchish Empire.

The penalties of law are harsh, as is the rule of the Orchish Empire. Rallies or public outcries are brutally crushed by the rulers. Slavery is rampant, debauchery ever present, assassinations occur frequently, torture is all to routine, yet if it is within the law, then no harm done.

The majority of the population and rulers of the Orchish Empire are lawful evil. Brother will step on his own kin to reach the position of power in the Orchish Empire. For that is the mandate of lawful evil.

For order is the means by which each group is properly placed in the cosmos, from lowest to highest, strongest first, weakest last. Good is seen as an excuse to promote the mediocrity of the whole and suppress the better and more capable, while lawful evilness allows each group to structure itself and fix its place as compared to others, serving the stronger but being served by the weaker.

- Supreme Marshall Dragern of the Northern Military District, Gygax the Undying - "The Way of the Orcs"

Orc Doctrine of Lebensraum

In simple terms, the doctrine states that the Githirmil have the right to expand their population and that any force that resists this expansion must be destroyed or subjugated.