Battle of Borangrak Bridge

Theater Cinazan, Grashakh
Orchish Empire VS Khazarkar Empire

This was one of the last battles fought between the Khazarkar Empire and the Orchish Empire in the Third Ugradrath War.

During this conflict, the Orchish Empire undertook a multi-prong attack. A large force of orcs made a night crossing of Alarthand. Another force of troops assaulted the Khazarkar lines by way of a massive edifice called Borangrak Bridge. The orcs making the amphibious landing were routed from the eastern side of the river. The orcs on the bridge broke into the lines of the Khazarkar and nearly succeeded in taking the Inzilêth heights. The arrival of the Setarch of the Khazarkar Empire, their emperor-priest Hâlê Aphallanâth, leading more than sixty mummified giants, pushed the orcs back across the bridge. The Setarch then called down the power of Set, corrupting the bridge's central span with fell energy. His giants then began hammering away at the stone. Emperor Blac'drugulois, leader of the Orchish Empire, soon arrived. He sent his vanguard ahead to occupy the giants, while he darted for the enemy leader. To the surprise of his troops, their leader lasted a few minutes against the Ageless Emperor. The Setarch died when his brain was psionically turned to mush.

The bridge would later collapse under the pounding of the giants and weight of their dead bodies.

In the battle, the necromancers from the city of Mirkathân won high regard for their mummified giant creations.

One crack unit of orcs was never heard of again. Reports from survivors of other companies reported seeing them entering the countless caves along Inzilêth. This lost unit was the Ebon Elite and numbered 500 orcs. All members of this crack unit were donned in Elem-Guard Armor.