Bulwark Of Târulûth


In the Dawn Era, the Nawirrûs Covenant battled the primordials for the right of Creation. The world Bal-Kriav was on the front-line of this Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE). Built by the Covenant, the Bulwark of Târulûth was constructed to keep the primordials from breaking out east and north of the battle-torn wastes of Regadnîn. The overall design, blockhouses, towers, and walls covering hundreds of miles, was the product of a brilliant Covenant general named Târulûth.

The Bulwark of Târulûth is built along the southern slopes of Ušuškad - better today as the Elephant Backbone. It is a layered defensive network with thick towering walls, towers, mountain redoubts, subsurface bastions, expanded ravines and other defenses. The area also had dams built to flood Eyegaihur's passes or to inundate an area and then blasting drowning foes with electricity and freezing magic.

The Bulwark of Târulûth is a series of towers and defenses built by the gods and their angelic armies. They were made to stop the primordial hordes from breaking out of Regadnîn.

Many of these defenses were engineered by Naraz-Nâru. At the time, this figure was but a angel, a very powerful one, member of the Golden Seven, and serving Bal-Kriav.

The defenders of this as yet unnamed world ( now called Bal-Kriav ) built great bastions to combat the often enormous size and great strength of the primordials and their armies.

Three of my favorite bastions are Aphalur, Irrai, and Nâzel. One place, not built, but "re-tooled " is Dališar. This structure looks like a volcano, sort of acts like one, but is really an imprisoned lobotomized primordial.

- Nindonor, from a Scroll of Dawn - "The Godworks"