Chaos Archon

Typeelemental sub-race
Languagevaries by type
Alignmentchaotic evil, chaotic neutral
NativeChaos, Elemental Ring Worlds, Mortal Systems

Chaos Archons are elemental archons tainted by entropic energy. Purpose-built by the primordials, they were loyalists, elite soldiers of the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE).

After the primordials were defeated, chaos archons were abandoned on distant worlds and for the most part left to eke out their own existence. On some worlds, they established their own city-states and even empires; accounting for their inherit chaotic nature, these proved short-lived. Some chaos archons still dwell across the vastness of Chaos. With the world Bal-Kriav on the front-lines of the Creation War, many chaos archons were left there. After the war and into the God Era, many of these were dispatched or imprisoned by those tasked with clearing worlds of their primordial vestiges.

In the Horgon Era, the Shiphis Helas came to Bal-Kriav with an army of Hydrocur. These chaos archons, once overseers for the Durkoth, now roam freely about Bal-Kriav. Another group of chaos archons on this world are the Gol'hakh. They arrived when a wall of the great primordial fortress of Saelmgar was sucked into a rift.

Restricted by their energy composition, all chaos archons are chaotically aligned.

Chaos Archons
BlutoidEarth Archon
FyrreidFire Archon
Gol'hakhFire Archon
HydrocurWater Archon
LauphaStorm Archon
ThrallrirIce Archon
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