Hermir Azrik

BuiltDawn Era

Hermir Azrik is Primordial for Azrik Volcano. In the Creation War, this volcano was created in sector Vetoubahr. It was made by the primordial Kossuth as an inter-system rift linking the mortal world Bal-Kriav with the elemental ring world Muspelheim. Kossuth was against using his powers to burn a hole through the Web, knowing full well of the dangers posed by its untiring guardians. Coerced by Surtur and other primordial lords, he carried out their orders. When the rift opened it created a massive volcano on Bal-Kriav and a lava sinkhole on the world Muspelheim. The rift between these two world remained open for less than a month, yet by that time more than 100,000 primordial soldiers had come through, joining the primoridal armies of the Creation War.

Hermir Azrik collapsed when weave spiders repaired the Web, thereby closing the rift. The collapse killed thousands of soldiers in transit - "a small price to pay" said Surtur "for the five armies that got through", and much of where the volcano once was filled with the waters of Salzârrâk.

The Thrawkrall bay now rests over a greater part of where the volcano once was. The caldera rim is visible in some areas of the bay and along the coasts at Runners Leap.

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