RegionNorthern Hordelands

Radullu is an unnatural lake fed by waters from another world. It is sited on a high plateau of the Northern Hordelands. Radullu is largely fed by an underwater rift on the world Throndar. This rift sucks water from an otherworldly sea to sector Skycius on the world Bal-Kriav. Over centuries, it created the lake Radullu, and over thousands of years led to the wetlands that many simply call the Troll Bogs. In the Dawn Era, Covenant leaders called it the Throndar Creep, a product of the Primordial desire to return the product of Creation back to Chaos. The rift is called the Radullu Rift. It is a permanent one, surrounded by dead magic zones (these make it irreparable by even the Web's mightiest guardians).

Lake Radullu sits at an elevation of 6000'. The amount of water flowing into it is more than the basin can hold so it flows over hundreds of waterfalls, plunging some 2000' into an even larger lake called Orukhan. This lake increased in size a hundred fold from the opening of the Radullu Rift. Other waterfalls coming off Radullu drop even further into the bay Tarag-Khâlu. Since they are falling from a height of 5000' or more, most of this water turns to vapor or is blown around so that for miles away into the bay it seems like it is always drizzling. The wetlands of the Troll Bogs, a region south of the Northern Hordelands, is a product of Radullu and its rift.

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