Rah Burdah God Rim

Rah Burdah
RegionAerie of Dragons
AliasGod Rim
MapKrein Jusk

Rah Burdah is a foreboding, unnatural ring of mountains. Their appearance is menacing and abnormal, as if they were a product of dark creation. The outer band of peaks look like talons facing outward, as if something burst out of the land. In the heart of the ancient Kriistvrii ruin Viing Prolgiid is a Godstone that says that is exactly what happened.

In the time of gods and primordials, a titanic beast of legendary status was created here. This creature was created by a pact of young gods that sought to fight primordial dreadnoughts. To beat these unimaginably large creatures, the gods decided that they must create one of their own. The pact of young gods consisted of a young evil god named Ares and another named Tarâk. Together, they used their divine powers to create a colossal hecatoncheires. When this creature arose, it torn the landscape apart, creating a ring of talon-shaped mountains (the area now known as Rah Burdah). Tarâk was to say that few creatures will be able to stand up to the monstrosity before you. I dare say, that not even the two of us could stand up to this terror.

The hecatoncheires was sent into battle against the primordials. In the Creation War, it tore through the primordial armies, ridding entire worlds of the menace of the primordials. It crossed the systems, wrecking havoc wherever it went, cutting deep into the primordial domains, and slaying innumerable chaos archons and several major primordials. Its reign of destruction lasted ten years, and led to a turning point in the Creation War. The gods gained the initiative against the primordials and proceeded to kill them or banish them from the multiverse. The hecatoncheires was eventually killed somewhere in the deepest reaches of Chaos.

- The Godstone

Rah Burdah and the areas within it, like Sotiisk'lum and Viing Prolgiid, have an unnatural feel about them, as if they are tainted from an ancient dark power. This is so unnerving that creatures entering these lands have to be evil. If they are not, then they will feel uneasy, a sense of foreboding, and have difficulty getting a good sleep.

The mountains are always covered with gloomy clouds, even when the skies around them are clear. The rain and snow that falls within the mountains is unusually cold. Sometimes the landscape seems to buckle, but on a second look, nothing has changed.

The feeling of dark power in Rah Burdah is one of the reasons that attracted Zeymah'kein exiles from the Platinum Inquisition (1279 HE - 1290 HE). These Kriistvrii exiles founded Viing Prolgiid in the icy vale behind the ring of mountains. When Mir'piamauza pushed into these central reaches of the Aerie, they too were drawn to the mountains. Mir'piamauza waged a war with Galirkrad for ownership of these fell highlands but was never able to secure the area.

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