a slither of Nawirrûs
Locationuniverse of all Systems outside Chaos

Nawirrûs is the universe of all systems outside Chaos. It comprises the systems of the realm Bal-Kriav and possibly an infinite number of others.

Beginning in the Dawn Era, the worlds of this system were created from the matter and energy of Chaos. The stars were there, but they had no worlds orbiting them. Super powerful beings called Creationists, Tier 1 Creationists to be specific, carved worlds out of the center of the universe, cutting them off from a sea of entropy. This became the basis for Negative Entropy, giving structure and order to once only eternal change. The primordials contested these changes. The Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE), a great conflict lasting thousands of years, led to entire worlds torn apart and sucked back into Chaos.

The Creation War gave rise to the Abyssal Release (7777 DE - 8777 DE), with the demons of the primordial created system Piranoths Steps warring to become their own masters at the expense of the primordials. After driving out the primordials, the demons invaded the Quara'tun system, starting the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE). It was during this war of the God Era, that religion really started taking hold with certain systems becoming focuses for soul energy. They became Soul Gathering Systems; places where certain energy types go upon their host's death.

The Mortal Systems of Nawirrûs became a special area where Divine Power is created from those worshiping the Higher Powers.

Nawirrûs has four dimensions, one is the Core Dimension where there are worlds and most of the things and people exist, the next is the Web of Magic, the source of all magic. This network of arcane energy surrounds many systems, acting as a gate to those from afar.

The development of the null mine came from the desire to quickly reach another system. Look up in the sky, each of those stars or two is a system, some inhabited, some a forgotten product of Creation. We are in the Quara'tun System, our nearest neighbor, is the Asteraoth System, both sharing the stars Merioss and Khâls Forge. The distances between these worlds, even for me, difficult to fathom. Even the realm's fastest voidships take months to reach another world. The furthest civilization to civilization connection takes two years. Go beyond Quara'tun and her sister, you reach Mechanus. At current estimates, it would take two centuries to reach in fastest of void ship. The null mines were not the only way of going about the universe. Some primordials could do it as one of their great powers, like the Worm consuming Creation at the Battle of Vu Kes, that is eating an entire world, sucking it all back to where it began, Chaos. On a smaller scale we have The Eyes, of Covenant design, they travelled the Astral Sea at great speed, appearing in a faraway system to attack the primordial's great armies.

- Pencud, resident professor, from an outdoor lecture at Galzaras Watch - "Distances Beyond"

The third dimension is the Ethereal. It is an area parallel to the Core Dimension. The last dimension is the Astral Sea. It was used as a means of moving energy and matter to different systems, leading to the creation of worlds and all that goes in them.

The Four Dimensions of Nawirrûs
DimensionCommon NameNotes
1stCoresystems, worlds, Void
2ndWeb of Magic
3rdThe Ethereal
4thAstral Seathe Highway of Creation