Tâchan is a frozen wasteland northeast of Regadnîn. This area was created during the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE). In this conflict, the gods and primordials fought heavily in Regadnîn and nearby areas.

Tâchan is an 800 square mile area of deep blue and black ice. Beneath this ice field is a rift to Chaos. In the Creation War, the Golden Seven, with the help of a captured primordial, blocked this bridge between Tâchan and the heart of chaos with mystical ice. It buried a rift making Entropy Arch and entombed hundreds of fire archons and their reptilian mounts.

In the Second Battle of Regadnîn, we captured Thyrm. After a lengthy interrogation by Ares and Ditherra, Thyrm revealed the location of an Entropy Arch that was starting to open. We travelled with Thyrm to the gateway and then had him seal the gateway with his icy magic. In return for Thyrm's aid, we spared him from death and then banished him for a millennia. Thyrm accepted these terms, parting with these words - "I will have my revenge, and you will experience a cold like you have never thought possible".

Thyrm's betrayal of the primordials made him a marked being. We banished him to the far reaches of the void, thereby giving him a descent chance of eluding his primordial enemies.

- Athena, rune plaque at Aphalur - "Thyrm's Betrayal"

Thyrm's magic created the frozen wasteland Tâchan. This ice seals a permanent rift to Chaos. This ice does not melt and is impervious to fire. Weather conditions are often foggy and chilly around this icy waste. The ice is bone-numbing cold with a temperature range of -10 to -60 degrees.

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