Bru'tuld was a single-star system with four planets. It was destroyed in the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE) by a primordial monstrosity posthumously named the Stareater. The destruction of Bru'tuld 's star and all of its planets also destroyed the Stareater. The remnants of this system are now in Chaos, covering an area a tenth of its original size. It is a debris field of shattered planets, gas clouds, and a star broken into thousands of small shining pieces. This area of Chaos is called the Bru'tuld Sunder.

"What a sight to behold: the Bru'tuld Sunder! Your army can now be seen in all its glory!"

Drachmon turns to look behind his throne, and there, lit by a star broken into thousands of small shining pieces, is his army. They're spread out across a debris field the size of a mountain. Bru'tuld Sunder is on their right, the star still suffering from being shattered and sucked back here during the Creation War. Drachmon's army floats through the ever-changing expanse of Chaos, moving in the direction of a rift that should be opening anytime now.

- from the Godspawn Saga