14th Battle of Regadnîn

Period5001 DE - 5003 DE
Primordials VS Nawirrûs Covenant
MapRegadnîn Wasteland

The 14th Battle of Regadnîn was one of the hundreds of battles that made-up the seven thousand year Creation War. It took place on a world then designated Sphere 411. This world, better known today as Bal-Kriav, was named after the hero that died in this battle. Fourteen battles had been named for the area Regadnîn. The primordials repetitively attacked this area over thousands of years. This was because, in this particular area, the Web of Magic that protects a world from rifts was weak. Here, it was easier to puncture by use of a null mine or other rift-making device or ability. By this stage of the Creation War, the repeated attacks on the Web had so damaged it that simple spells like teleportation and dimensional hops were heightened. Teleporations would sometimes work as mass teleports, entire units finding themselves in the midst of their enemies or behind them, and dimensional hops would last minutes with champions appearing and reappearing at different locations, capable of wrecking havoc on opposed forces.

Primordials, the minions of Chaos, attack this land many times. They were always probing for vulnerabilities. From the Sea of Entropy, they planted devices that ripped great holes in the Web. These holes served as inter-system bridges, linking places so faraway that even today are unreachable without the use of a rift.

- Cas Zarugad, of the Portal Sentinels, from his book Lore of Rifts - "The Regadnîn Sore"

This battle is best remembered for a fight that occurred on Irrai's ramparts. The Covenant's Supreme Commander went toe-to-toe with a mighty primordial named Nakh-Zennîm. This Covenant enemy was faced by Supreme Commander Bal-Kriav who out of foolhardiness, or perhaps to inspire his troops with a heroic battle, faced the spider-like monstrosity alone. Their fight brought a pause in the fighting around them. The Covenant commander proved to be no match for Nakh-Zennîm, and was killed. His death did inspire his army, with them driving the primordials armies back into Regadnîn, then retreating headlong back through their rifts. A month after this battle, the Golden Seven successfully petitioned the Nawirrûs Cartography Board, getting Sphere 411 renamed in honor of their great commander Bal-Kriav.