Mughakh-Gol - Tha'lith

Created1 War March 2660 DE

Often called a wall, Mughakh-Gol is landscape alien to the world around it. It is part of a mountain range ripped from the world of Dol Vahdin.

As you get near, you will see ancient, enormous battlements and towers. Its sudden split from the whole caused parts to collapse, giving way to hills of rubble. The wall was not alone in this voyage. Workers and soldiers, tens of thousands serving Coeus, found themselves on the faraway world of Bal-Kriav.

- Phoslomor, cartographer of the Third Epoch, excerpt from the book "Phoslomor's Survey of Midrêth, Ch. 4-2"

Mughakh-Gol was brought to its current location in 2660 DE. In this year, the Covenant took the fight to the primordials. The Covenant General Takarrûs besieged the great primordial depot of Saelmgar. Takarrûs died in the fighting, triggering a holy explosion, opening a rift, and tearing part of Saelmgar away. That part is Mughakh-Gol. Two groups of peoples that came with Mughakh-Gol are the Gol'hakh and the Blutoid.

In the God Era, the Wardens of Bal-Kriav searched the ruins for any dangerous relics and other things of primordial influence. One of the things they found was Zarmeshs Brain. They moved this petrified creature to Dulpathâra, dropping it into Naikad.

In the Four Pillars Conflict, named for the area's four mountainous spires, the fire titan empire Goth-Dyvermoir failed to capture the area. Like others, they came seeking ancient relics and rumored riches of their ancient primordial masters.

In the area's far southern fortifications is Falcon Aerie. This great fortress is the headquarters of the Night Vigil.

Notable Areas