Mughakh-Gol is relic of the time when the primordials battled the gods. Tha'lith's stone giants claim that in the Dawn Era, Mughakh-Gol was a colossal wall of a unimaginably huge fortress called Saelmgar. It was built by the primordials to marshal their armies and build weapons and armor for war against the gods. In the Creation War, an angel named Takarrûs was killed in the fighting at Saelmgar (c.f. Shards of Takarrûs). When he died, he released a powerful wave of holy energy which ripped a section of wall from the primordial bastion. This wall spiraled through a tear in the Web, coming to rest largely intact in the deep jungles of Tha'lith.

This wall is enormous beyond mortal comprehension, and for a long-time was thought to be a mountain range.

As you get near it, you can see enormous battlements and towers. The transfer across space and time, caused parts of the wall and some towers to collapse, giving way to massive piles of rubble. Tens of thousands of the tower's guards were also brought to Bal-Kriav. This is why so many chaos archons and earth elementals roam Ma'Ohari.

The walls and towers of Mughakh-Gol are honeycombed with passages and fortifications. Most have suffered the effects of time and inhabitation by all manner of beasts. Areas of it have served as fortresses for petty lords and great tyrants.

- Phoslomor, cartographer of the Third Epoch, excerpt from the book "Phoslomor's Survey of Midrêth, Ch. 4-2"

In the God Era, the Wardens of Bal-Kriav searched for any dangerous relics and other things of primordial influence. One of the things they found in the ruins was Zarmeshs Brain. They moved this petrified creature to Dulpathâra and dropped it into Naikad.

In the Pillar Fire Conflict, the fire titan empire Goth-Dyvermoir tried to seize the central area of Mughakh-Gol. This costly war was unsuccessful, yet they still make raids on the area, seeking ancient relics and rumored riches of the primordials.

Nearly all of the fire archons encountered in Ma'Ohari are descendants of those that came to this world on the wall Mughakh-Gol. These particular fire archons are known as the Gol'hakh. They have been separated from Chaos for so long that they are now natives to the Mortal Systems.

In the far southern fortifications of Mughakh-Gol is a fortress called Falcon Aerie. This place serves as the headquarters for an ancient order called the Night Vigil. This group moved their base here after the decline and decadence of Smizerak.

Notable Areas