Naikad is a swamp of Dulpathâra's southeastern reaches. It is a prison for several earth elemental legions. Composed of deep crystal and adamantine, the soldiers of these legions were once formidable Covenant foes. Forged out of the stuff of Chaos by an Arch-Creationist named Storralk, they were an elite force for the primordial offensive on Bal-Kriav. As a result of their high resistances to physical and magical attacks, the angels and gods resorted to mind attacks like psionics and conjuration magic to either defeat them or trap them. Those in Naikad, are all from an army called the 22nd Foundation Breakers of Storralk. In the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE), they were captured by the forces serving the Nawirrûs Covenant. Their movements and actions are restricted in two ways. The first is the conjuration magic placed on the entire marsh which causes tendrils of mud and plants to wrap around all the limbs of any elemental that is in the marsh. These tendrils have an equal strength to whatever they entrap. The other effect on the prisoners is the cognitive dissonance emanating from Zarmeshs Brain.

Notable Areas