RegionHigh Wood Country

Ralvalloth is half of a ruined city. These alien ruins are sited in and on the eastern end of Neithreth bay. Ralvalloth was not built here, but drawn through a rift in the Creation War. Before it came to Bal-Kriav's Voternil sector, it was home to water archons, and no doubt a city of the deeps than one built to be on land. The ruined city has domed buildings, triangular and other shaped structures, openings in all of these are far off the ground, and towering structures made of coral that if not for the alien stone they are made of, would surely collapse under their own weight. When it came through the rift, the city came to rest in a swamp, so parts of it lay submerged. The other half of the city is probably somewhere in Chaos. The ruins of Ralvalloth are overgrown with swamp vegetation and the area infested with leeches, mosquitoes and a number of carnivorous plants. The largest number of hostiles in the area are the Ormartheon and triton war parties coming out of of Caradruk. When not battling the Spirachiln, they turn to battling each other over control of these ancient ruins.

In several areas of the ruins are toppled statues of leviathans. Each of these massive statues are in fact a primordial colossus. The tritons and the Graagvrii avoid the areas of these terrible monsters. It is a common tale in Spirachiln to talk about the time when they sent scouts to explore the ruins, disturbing one of these statues. They say the monstrous creature rose up and killed the interlopers and then laid waste to the nearest coastal town before returning to its sentinel position admist the ruins.