OwnerSvar Hinnbara
BuiltDawn Era

In the cloud capped peaks of the Giant Steps is a floating city built by the giants. This place is called Traghorn. This flying citadel is a vast place with colossal halls and towers housing cloud giants, blue dragons, rocs, several titans, and many lesser minions. Periodically, they float about the realm, making surface raids, taking off slaves, loot, food, and inflicting destruction on the ground dwellers. The forces stationed on Avalkhirân have battled with those of Traghorn on several occasions.

Tragorn was built by the primordials in the Creation War. The history of how it got lost in the war and then floated across Chaos for thousands of years is still being unraveled. In the Lith-Crillion Era, it was dragged into Bal-Kriav's skies during one of the appearances of the Chaos Maelstrom. It then floated among the clouds for several centuries where it served as the abode of cloud rays. These rays ended up leaving and settling in parts of Elemantum where today some of them can be found in the Manêrân (air force of Tamlêrran).

Blue dragons nested in the place for a century, and then the place was spotted floating above the Giant Steps by some cloud giants. These cloud giants took control of the place in the Horgon Era and have ruled it ever since.

The current ruler of this place is a cloud titan named Svar Hinnbara.