Shards of Takarrûs

Created1 War March 2660 DE

The Shards of Takarrûs are the remnants of a mighty angel that perished in the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE). At the head of a Covenant army, General Takarrûs assaulted the primordial bastion of Saelmgar. On the seventh day of this siege, Takarrûs died. An Archangel, his death triggered a spell that caused his body to explode in a holy radiance. The intense heat and brilliance was such that thousands perished. It also opened a rift, sucking part of Saelmgar through a rift. This was followed by what looked like a rain of fiery red crystals. These crystals became known as the Shards of Takarrûs. They litter the plains of Âruk, basking the area in a red glow. They are said to sooth the living and cause unease in those of entropy.

Enchanters harvest Shards of Takarrûs for use in magic items with regenerative powers. Shards taken from Âruk begin to break-down over the next seven weeks. While it is breaking down somewhere else, back where it was harvested, the crystal regrows. This process can be stopped for smaller pieces, like those used as an ingredient in the making of rings of regeneration and other such items.

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