Shards of Takarrûs


The Shards of Takarrûs are the remnants of a mighty angel that perished in the Creation War. At the head of an army of angels, Takarrûs assaulted a primordial bastion called Saelmgar. The first wave of troops that made it into Saelmgar were quickly killed by a hail of stones and missiles. Takarrûs fell from the sky, a wing sheared off by a stone titan wielding a axe so keen that it could chop through stone like a red hot blade going through butter. He fell into Saelmgar and was surrounded by huge earth archons and stone titans. An epic battle ensued among them, which was a dot on a map for the enormous battle that was raging around the primordial bastion.

When Takarrûs died, he unleashed a god spell of holy radiance, one that he willingly accepted and knew that he must die to release it. The intense heat and brilliance were so great that thousands of enemy soldiers perished in the area, along with allies attacking a nearby wall. This wall, the giants called it Mughakh-Gol, took the full brunt of energy released with the death of Takarrûs. It was ripped from its foundations, sent spiraling through a rip in the fabric of the Web of Magic. It was followed by what looked like a rain of fiery red crystals. These crystals are the Shards of Takarrûs. They range in size from a few feet to a few dozen feet long. They are scattered across the Âruk plain, in darkness bathing the land around in an soothing red glow.

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