Musings of Mêzelurûs

Typehistorical text
Created11 Artifice 9451 GE
LocationTerraces of Mêzelurûs

The Musings of Mêzelurûs are runes that appear at certain times of the day, and certain times of the year, across the Terraces of Mêzelurûs. These runes began appearing after the death of Mêzelurûs. Some claim them to be very thoughts of this Creationist, burned into a spine of mountain-sized terraces across Athoreon.

The Musings of Mêzelurûs, like the Plaques of Aphalur, give important insight into the thinking and events of the Dawn Era and the God Era.

It was easy in the beginning, you could shape a world in under a year, fill it with dull sentients in five. Now in this new era, the Age of Gods, it takes five times longer.

The reports from Bal-Kriav are disturbing. The demons are using energy from their system, infusing mortals and beasts with it, creating abominations like them. This must be Creation in its twisted form.

I'm going to Bal-Kriav. No reason to create anything else at this pace.

- Mêzelurûs, some of the Musings of Mêzelurûs - "Creationist to Soldier"

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