Spring of Life Energy

LocationGeledh, others
Builtvaries - all in Dawn Era
MapFrellrar, others

A spring of life energy is a liquid that flows similar to water but slower and thicker. Just being in the presence of one brings a sense of calm and recovery for anything living. They are found on many worlds where they still pulsate with residual energy left over from the time when they were used to create life across the multiverse. Nowadays, most of these springs have low amounts of life energy; nothing compared to the Dawn Era when they coursed with power.

Springs of life energy function like a Tier 4 Creationist. In the hands of a Tier 3 Creationist or higher they can be used to the creation of higher lifeforms.

Drinking from a spring of life energy provides a soothing, regenerating effect; regeneration of 1 hit point per hour when up to a canteen is consumed. Bathing in the spring is even more effective, resulting in 5 hit points per hour. The liquid can be stored for up to a week before the life energy within it dissipates into the environment; feeding the birth of some insect, plant, animal, or other living thing.