Typespell-craft lore

Spell NameD&D EquivalentDisciplineInventorOther
Coffin RuneHarmpriestone use harm spell cast on a weapon or as a glyph
Creation Omniscience Tier 1 Creationistsknown when any new world is created; with considerable effort, know the location of the newly created world
Druidic Shape Change druid
Dimensional PocketPasswallarcanist
Empathic Transfer mentalist
Enlightening Transfer mentalist
Final Act any
HasteHastearcanistChronosas a result of its unnatural aging, it is illegal to cast this spell without consent
Melriths Flowerpot druidMelrithDark Nature Energy
Mental Daggers mentalist
Mental Scythes mentalist
Mental Vampirism mentalist
Minion Sight necromancersee out of the eyes of your undead creations
Natures Armor mentalist
Pocket Dimension arcanistArcana
Telepathic LinkContactmentalist
Nirass Scalpel mentalistNiras
Noble Sacrifice restricted to 8th Rank or higher angels
One Less DimensionDuo-Dimensionshaman, arcanist
Ptahs Barrier mentalistPtahrapid response mental defense
Ptahs Inspection mentalistPtahread thoughts
Rift HopDimension Doorarcaniststep through one short-lived rift, and exit another
Sangurns Ward mentalistpsychic powered combat stance, defensive, slows movement by 50%
Scanners Mind Blow mentalistScanner
Shared Essence arcanist
Sight of My Enemy shaman
Springflowers Sapling druidSpringflower
Syndrixs OnionPrismatic SpherearcanistSyndrix
Teleport Trap arcanist
Time Loop arcanistunnatural aging, immortal to cast
Time WalkTime StoparcanistChronos
Waterwall arcanist
Teleportation Circle arcanistshort-lived, mini-rift
Wall of NâzelWall of Stonearcanistnamed for Nâzel, where it was used in the Creation War to slow a primordial invasion
Creation Omniscience

Attuned to all energy types and the Sparks of Creation, Tier 1 Creationists know when a new world is created from the stuff of Chaos. They can figure out the location of said world as long as it not being masked by its maker. This masking is a mental effort, which must be contested by one seeking to know the world's location. Normally masking is not done, unless their is a problem. The world Azu'tzor was one example where a problem happened.

It was not alone, many others of Piranoths Steps would fall to the Threads of Damnation, so many that you gave up on hiding them. They, the genesis of the Abyssal Release, our sole reason for losing the Creation War.

- Drachmon, from the book Conversations with Piranoth - "Sinking into an Abyss"

Drudic Shape Change

The shape and other traits allowed by this nature energy spell have a few limitations. The first is that you cannot take a form too small. For a humanoid of roughly Tragaran size, a rat is the limit. For smaller races like goblins, they can go as small as a field mouse. The other limitations are that you cannot change gender and you keep your mind. Shape changed you also take on all the frailties and strengths of the new form; this means that if your in a tiny form and a giant steps on, your dead.

A pair of guards just inside the bunker stop the priest, looking at him through what looks like a large glass lollipop. One sees the glow in the leather backpack, nodding his head for it to be opened. Still looking through the magic detection device, he sees the rat as a ghostly thing; but inside it is something more solid, a tiny motionless humanoid with bat wings.

- from the Godspawn Saga

Empathic Transfer

Riding on a telepathic link, this allows one to attempt to put emotions on the receiving end, changing their thoughts.

Final Act

Melriths Flowerpot

In quick succession, she hurls three darts shaped like briars with a spell called Melriths Flowerpot. They strike the charred wound, releasing a shower of sharp thorns. In a hundred places, they release their toxins, causing itching and blistering. She murmurs, "I had to do it; sorry, Silvanus." As her patron god, Silvanus frowns upon spells that use dark nature energy like the one she just cast.

- from the Godspawn Saga

Mental Vampirism

Ingegenn rushes over to Rax, bringing his brainy mass close to the hell knight's head. Rax switches to a psychic draining power called Mental Vampirism. It's a dangerous power that feeds on the powers used by mentalists, including the one who invoked it. He hopes that although this creature may be more psychically powerful than he, it doesn't have more physical energy, which for Ingegenn would be life energy, as opposed to Rax's negative energy.

- from the Godspawn Saga

Natures Armor

She draws a pair of serrated sickles while incanting druidic words of power. These words draw power from nature's energy, including from the bird, the crew (except for the undead, of course), and the wooden parts of the ship. Her spell conjures a magical suit of armor around her, one of vines, briars and hullback. It's a clone of the fauna she's come across in Cinazan, and that found on the Pillar. The vines match those found at Vine Roads, the briars mirror those of the forest Phalkhîr, and the hullback matches the Pillar's masts and crow's nests.

- from the Godspawn Saga

Ptahs Inspection

As a quick as a thought, Sarcastic makes a quick mental incision into Rax's brain, listening in on the communication between him and Grarg through a mentalist power called Ptah's Inspection. Named after the god who invented it, it doesn't have to pierce a mental defense; it rides on them, picking up any telepathic communications on the other side.

- from the Godspawn Saga

Springflowers Sapling

Trixie follows his lead, magically summoning a sapling that flies towards the wound. This missile hardens as it flies and branches break off, making it a large spear like those launched from a ballista. It shatters on impact, becoming roots that go to work boring into the exposed flesh around it. May Springflower's Sapling balance out the dark nature from before. she prays.

- from the Godspawn Saga

Teleportation Circle

Th teleportation circle spell results in a short-lived, rift between two areas on the same world.

Telepathic Link

A mental link between minds. This is first established by being close to those you want to communicate with. This establishes a unique signature, a "calling card", of the target's mind. Later this can be used for long-range mental communication between the minds.

... telepathic link is just a strand of arcane energy linking two minds; it's invisible to the eye, normally, but with magic detection you can see it as a bluish-white strand. Follow the strand, and you find someone's head at each end.

- from the Godspawn Saga