Creation17 Brightstar 9450 GE

Corralum are one of the races that make-up the Khazarkar people. Corralum is a Old Khazarkar word that means toil.

Corralums have a deep bronze colored skin and similar toned eyes. They have a saying "Born in Toil, Bred in Fire" which is a reference to how they came about. In the God Era, the Corralum and the other Khazarkar castes were secretly created by Set. He did this by way of a stolen relic called Danzar-Khâls Surveyor. This legendary item held the power to create lifeforms, just like that of a Tier 3 Creationist. Set created the Corralum to serve as laborers and craftsmen to build up Khazarkar civilization by sweat and muscle. For three centuries they lived in the deeps of Maenedhel, working the stone and the forge and learning from Furrouth "educators". These teachers were employed by Set to help bring the Corralum up to speed with the races created by Set's rivals.

In the Maenedhel Shattering, the khazarkars were driven to the surface with only what they could carry. This slowed their cultural advancement for a time and led to a regression to more tribal ways. Some tried to break-off and form their own homogeneous groups, but the Minâth (backed by the Terrant) saw that their skill was needed for the continued advancement of their civilization so they rounded them up. Since that time, the Corralum have pretty much remained the worker-caste of the Khazarkar people.

In the Khazarkar Empire, they fulfill the role of laborers, craftsmen and tradesmen.

Corralum are tall and stocky with a height range from 5'9" to 7'. They have a higher than normal stamina and resistance to fire that are attributed to Set abusing the powers of creation when he used Danzar-Khâls Surveyor.

Racial Traits
Born in Toil+2 Constitution
Bred in Fire Resist 5 Fire
Danzar-Khâls Sanction +2 to bluff
Racial as human
Common Homelands