Typebinary star, Mortal System
StarsMerioss, Juniger

Asteraoth is adjacent to the Quara'tun system of planets. In the Asteraoth system, Juniger is the closest star to the planets. The orbits of Asteraoth's planetary bodies are perpendicular to those of Quara'tun. Both systems have binary stars, one called Merioss and the other Juniger.

In the Dawn Era, the spheres were formed by the Creationists and some rebel primordials out of the raw energy of Chaos. The mighty omniscient primordials worked to undo this order by returning all of these creations back to the all-embracing folds of entropy.

- Geirrid Sorkar, Thraedli Loremaster of Amirlof, from the Thraedli Dawn Codex - "God Spheres"

Astronomical Objects
NameOrigin NameTypeCreation DateWeb of Magic
Vu KesSphere 380planet (destroyed)1322 DENo
GhífthaukSphere 410planet1435 DEYes
Junigerstar (primary)No
Meriossstar (secondary)No
OsâcharSphere 412planet1452 DEYes
ThrondarSphere 415planet1460 DENo
Uth Alokplanet485 DEYes