Negative Entropy


Negative entropy is the opposite of entropic energy; the raw energy of Chaos. It came about from creating order and stability where there once had been nothing but change and entropy. When Creationists made worlds and populated them, they turned entropic energy into negative entropy; inevitably giving rise to the Nawirrûs Covenant and the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE).

By the God Era, the work of Creationist had become much harder.

It was easy in the beginning, you could shape a world in under a year, fill it with dull sentients in five. Now in this new era, the Age of Gods, the system is girded with energy, balanced.

- Mêzelurûs, one of the Musings of Mêzelurûs - "Negative Entropy's Side Effect"

Theologians define lawful beings as ones with more negative entropy in them than its opposite. Academicians that delve into the secrets of the energy types say that anything with permanence has a trace of negative entropy it, for if it did not, it would be drawn back to Chaos.

Energy Composition
AbilityRequired AmountExamples
Lawful Aligned10%lawful good, lawful neutral and lawful evil creatures and items
Smite Chaos20%some Lith Crillion
Detect Entropic Energy30%all those born in the Nawenglorûs System