Volfdir Jollrod

CategoryArtifacts, Rods, Staffs, Wands
ForgeEntropy Anvil
LocationSuldaan Mithil

The Volfdir Jollrod was created from the severed tongue of the Nine Tongued Worm. Storralk created this item by imbuing it with part of his life-force. It is said that the reason he was defeated by Demogorgon was because he gave up too much of his own power in the creation of this item.

Volfdir Jollrod is a Greater Rod of Creation. When used by a Creationist, it can tap into the energies of Chaos and greatly aid in creation. For lesser beings, the item has been used to tear apart the landscape.

In the First Dragon Wake (9251 GE - 9269 GE), it was used by Tiamat to reshape the northeastern sector of the Aerie of Dragons. She tore the land asunder, creating a floating debris field across a vast area that became known as Gelok Himdah, or the Lifted Land. This was done to slow the advance and break up the large flying armies of her adversary Bahamut. When Tiamat was defeated and driven from Bal-Kriav, the Volfdir Jollrod was not taken with her. She has not hinted of its location nor sought it out, but some think it lies secreted somewhere in Suldaan Mithil. After the Demon Spawn War, the gods and angels scoured the worlds for relics that they deemed too dangerous to be left behind, the Volfdir Jollrod was one such item. There is no record of them finding it.