Beldileck penned this tome in the God Era. It was untitled, written in Supernal to mask its origins. When the Helas Vessels were set adrift in the Void, this book was on one of these ships. It would get the title Maurgîn-Hîr, Langurâpha words for "Power of Help", by the Durkoth.

This book discusses Creation, and more importantly how one goes about making new life forms. Of the mortal races, the Durkoth were the first to follow the tome's methods. Even after hundreds of years of trial and error, they were largely unsuccessful. The things they made either died soon after, or became uncontrollable abominations. When the Horgon Empire came to power (159 HE), this tome was put in a vault, and further study into the arts of Creation outlawed. At the time, the Saints of Maen considered the expense of the experiments a drain, and in the wrong hands, a serious threat.

In the Second Suellk Invasion (430 HE - 537 HE), the Durkoth fled their home world. Aboard their Helas Vessels, they disappeared into the Void. In 862 HE, three centuries after they left their home, they arrived on the world Bal-Kriav and rebuilt their civilization. While the Saints of Maen and Molakh-Búle rebuilt their empires, the tome Maurgîn-Hîr remained untouched, hidden away in a vault.

In the Durkoth Descent (995 HE - 1355 HE), those under the Durkoth were abandoned by their masters. In the Abâthigûr empire, the Hydrocur became the highest ranking citizens. Their new roles as leaders was contested by their Sussgurd minions. This conflict across Necrocrypt became known as the Sussgurd-Necrocrypt Rebellion (1011 HE - 1019 HE). It was more than just Sussgurd versus Hydrocur, for each year more and more undead entered the conflict. These free-willed undead were allies of neither side.

Faced with no sign of winning, in 1019 HE, the Hydrocur abandoned Necrocrypt and their former minions. They carried off Horgon relics and literature, one of which was the tome Maurgîn-Hîr. At Bue'kaa, and other places beneath Izagunbar's northern bays, the Hydrocur put the time and expense into making Maurgîn-Hîr work. On 11 Bliss 1285 HE, they created the Elderaunt race.

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