FocusNegative Entropy, War

Avernus is a world of the Hells system. It has long been a place where great wars have been fought. In the Demon Spawn War, it became a fortress world protecting access to the other worlds of the Hells system. During this war, the Supereme Commander of Covenant forces was an archangel named Ares. On 25 War March 9069 GE, Ares became a god. His first act was to divinely fortify Avernus. He made it a place where wars would be more challenging. He gave it a Focus of War. This means that anyone on this world that is in combat will regenerate 1hp/round. When Asmodeus became a Fallen Angel, and as he gained power over the system, he corrupted Ares's magic such that the regeneration also heals the wounded and dying. This is one of the reason why fighting on Avernus is so bloody - the wounded are usually finished off so that they don't have a chance to heal up.

The current Overlord of Avernus is Tiamat.

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