Valor Shrine

RegionLands of Purity

The Valor Shrine is a majestic, 250' tall basalt and bronze inlaid structure dedicated to Ares. It is sited on a plateau overlooking the Tinas river. The shrine is a holy place for the knights of Council of Bile. In addition to a statue of Ares, are towering statues of knights, six on warhorses and a two on blue dragons. The statue of Ares is a construct called a colossal blackstone gigant. This mighty construct once single-handedly destroyed a gold dragon that sought to raze the Valor Shrine. Many finely carved basins are along the plateau steps leading to the shrine. In these basins are copper tanks holding bloodbloater oozes. These vile swarms are released during times of war sacrifice, consuming the blood of prisoners and any so foolish as to get in their path.

The Valor Shrine is northwest of Port Bile and overlooks the Swathe of Ares, a great gorge filled with the innumerable skeletons of past sacrifices to Ares. Five miles south of the Valor Shrine is the town of Takarnan. This town is a holding of the Council of Bile. The Valor Shrine is an important pilgrimage site for worshippers of Ares.

Notable Areas
  • Gunal
  • Swathe of Ares
  • Takarnan, town south of the Valor Shrine