Marrow Fields Andam-Kizâr

Dead Calvary
RegionLands of Purity

Marrow Fields is a grassy plain located northeast of Galathien. Control of this area has been the objective of many over the ages. The Marrow Fields are a gateway into the lowlands of the northern reaches of the Lands of Purity. One of the first recorded names of this plain was Andam-Kizâr. It was called this by the Tungesti and recorded as such by the dwarves and elves of the Sylvan Kingdoms. The area got the name Marrow Fields during the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504).

Marrow Fields is a flat and stream-laced valley, flanked by rolling hills and cavern-studded mountains. It has long been a strategic area for defending against invasions from Khilag-Tarkin. Where the plains and the valley begins, is the holy bastion Gadyan.

The length of the Marrow Fields are covered in razed forts, rubble-strewn fortresses, grisly battle sights, and countless bones of the many creatures that fell here during the Battle of Breached Pass. In this long and bloody conflict, the combatants of the area were looked upon favorably after the first month of fighting. Ares, the God of War granted a boon to the area where all mortals were blessed with greater combat skills and health. As a result of the blessing, the forces of good held the advance of the Black Tide of Thasmudyan for six months. It was only by sheer numbers of undead, and many of the dead being the defenders before them, that allowed the Black Tide to breach the area.

This blessing that Ares put on this area is called the Parry of Ares. It is permanent. It covers all of the Marrow Fields east of Trygrorm and into Khilag-Tarkin. Over the centuries, the area became a holy pilgrimage site for worshippers of Ares. Scattered across the valley are temples, shrines, and massive statues of Ares with his sword raised skyward as if to parry the rays of Khâls Forge.

Some areas of the Marrow Fields are unholy ground. These areas are unhallow and sometimes give rise to undead mounted on skeletal horses. These undead are called the Dead Calvary. They were part of a elite unit of knights of the Lances of Merioss. They were tricked into attacking what seemed to be an exposed flank of a unit protecting Katrana. The knights were wiped out and those that were captured were turned into undead. The Dead Calvary has been destroyed many times, but still seems to rebuilt itself several months or even a year later. It then rides about the countryside slaughtered any living creature they come across.