War Spirit Shrine

War Spirit Shrine
RegionTroll Bogs

The War Spirit Shrine is a holy place dedicated to the god Ares. It was built in the Horgon Era by Tungesti missionaries seeking to spread the word of Ares to Chen'gom's peoples. The missionaries ended up being eaten by the Graagvrii, but the shrine they built remained. Over the decades that followed, the shrine sunk into the marsh leaving only the upper part of its head visible. It gained power over the centuries as some turned to praying to the majestic edifice for strength, luck on the hunt, or whatever else they yearned for.

The War Spirit Shrine is sited near the heart of Ugrol. This area has a long tradition of producing powerful warmongering tribes. When wars broke out in the Troll Bogs, the Urgol marshes were a source of recruitment and clandestine activities. The warring parties would often see to it that the yuan-ti, trolls, Viidostor and Graagvrii tribes got embroiled in their own conflict just so they would not end up as mercenaries of the other side. The source of the area's war mentality is believed to be a product of the shrine. In the Horgon Era, it was prayed to by any who could reach it, whereupon they were blessed with a boon that made them more keen to their surrounding, swifter, and stronger. After a time, those that had been there several times, became the voices of the war god Ares. They spread the word of the war god among their people and unleashed their shaman arts upon their enemies and those that questioned their god's orders. In the wetlands of Ugrol, worship of Ares is strongest in the temples of Nemegral.

The boon of the War Spirit Shrine is an enhancement to a number of abilities and skills. It is not an easy one to acquire for it requires a arduous trek into a thick, overgrown swamp with beasts and monsters lurking about. Once one prays at the shrine, they become ready to accept the war spirit. To activate the boon, they must battle the next creature they come across. The boon lasts 1 day for non-worshipers of Ares, and 2 days for those that have him as their patron deity.

Boon of the War Spirit Shrine
War Spirit immune to fear, +2 Spot, +2 Listen, +3 strength plus 1 for each 3 levels, movement speed increased by 25%, +2 divine armor bonus