War Gods

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The world Bal-Kriav, for a time after creation in 1451 DE was simply called Sphere 411. Three decades after its formation it became the front-line in a war between the gods and the primordials. This Creation War went on for 7,291 years. It gave rise to great generals like Ares, Athena, Asmodeus, and many others. In the next era, the God Era, another epic war that gripped Bal-Kriav and other worlds spread across the systems Asteraoth and Quara'tun. This war was the Demon Spawn War, although not world-changing like the Creation War of the last era, it still had lingering effects on its denizens. It produced more great generals like Gruumsh and Naraz-Nâru. Theologians say that these long brutal conflicts are the reason for the high number of War Gods in Bal-Kriav's pantheon.

The only requirement for being deemed a War God is that a Higher Power have the war domain. Priests of War Gods are the only ones with access to special spells focusing entirely on war.

War GodDomain
AresCompetition, Nobility, Glory, Planning, War (bolstered)
AthenaLaw, Good, Protection (bolstered), War
GruumshDomination, Evil, Strength, Tyranny, War
Krak-OthChaos, Destruction, War
Naraz-NâruCompetition, Courage, Law, Strength, War