Motherland Guard

Businessmilitary advisors
Headquartersnone - decentralized
Alignmentvaries by locality
Symbolbladed shield

Motherland Guard - this group sells themselves as military advisors for just about any organization. They have been around for thousands of years with advisors all over the realm. They are decentralized with infrequent communication between each chapter. Most members of the Motherland Guard are devotees of Ares; this makes their skills and warmongering intentions naturally serve the interests of their war-loving god while helping groups and nations improve their military training and national security. Theologians say Guard in the organization's name is but a cover, with the group's stance more bent on instigating wars, not taking defensive postures. Theocratic states with strong militaries normally do not allows this group to operate in their territory.

Motherland Guard has chapters spread across the Bal-Kriav. They may seem decentralized and out to just make some gold training your soldiers, but don't be fooled! They are agents of Ares, bent on send your armies to war, and with their deaths and perhaps conversion along the way, send soldiers to the War God's Acheron battlefields.

- Aphazamâb, high priest of Mirkathân Church of Set - "Proselytizers of Ares"