Articles of War

AuthorAres, Asmodeus
LocationThe Bunker

The Articles of War were drawn up in the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE) by then archangel Ares. They detailed how to lawfully prosecute a war.

In the God Era, some took a more aggressive view on how to successfully prosecute a war. For those like Asmodeus, dealing with evils like the demons warranted the use of excessive and immoral measures. The addition to of these decisions to the Articles of War, along with other more serious matters, led to a shake-up in the Quara'tun Covenant with Asmodeus and his lieutenants ultimately becoming Fallen Angels.

Even though these rules of warfare were written thousands of years ago, many lawful peoples still follow them.

B Articles

This section of war rules deals with enemy dead.

  • B1 - do what you want
  • B2 - strip anything of value but no mutilation of the dead
  • B3 - pay the dead the respect they deserve, following whatever burial customs they might have