Cysts of Morebhox

RegionNorthern Hordelands

The Cysts of Morebhox are three giant sinkholes in the desolate, chaos infused wasteland Yagolorn. In the Creation War, a great battle was fought here between Ares and the biggest centipede ever conceived. The beast was named Morebhox, it was a creature of chaos, one born of Chaos by primordial destructive will. The one behind its creation was a primordial warlord named Krerax. During one of the primordial assaults on Bal-Kriav, Krerax mounted his centipede abomination and turned to him laying low any mortal, angel, or god he came upon, while his mount set-to devouring all the vegetation and fodder, including corpses and anything smaller than it. Ares, riding his Chariot of Hrafnel, and pulled by six flaming lizards fought Krerax and Morebhox in the area of Yagolorn. The massive petrified arm of Krerax still lies in Yagolorn. The rest of his body was dined on for months by creatures of the wild and never fully consumed. It took another two years for it to fully rot away. Krerax's centipede mount was also killed in the battle. Its body was severed in three places by massive traps each the size of a tower. They were like bear traps, but with scything blades. The blades severed the body of Morebhox in three places, releasing an acidic blood that burned its way deep into the ground. This melted the area's native feldspar and granite, turning it into a liquid and giving way to massive sinkholes.

The three sinkholes that make-up the Cysts of Morebhox are about a mile in diameter and descend 800' to 1200' to a rubble-strewn floor. There are tunnels and paths on the slopes. They lead into the Underdark and to shallow tunnels. These areas serve as a place of respite from the terrible storms and creatures that roam Yagolorn. Many of the tunnels were made by Theegan bandits which use the area to raid the loot seekers that come out of Briltarn.

The mage guild Howling Wind has underground bases in the area.

Notable Areas