Typewater elemental behemoth

In the Creation War, the 16th Legion of Ares went to the world Marragh to capture Tydal. On this world she was tearing apart the surface by building deep chasms and rifts. This made the landscape she left behind, a difficult place to get around for those without wings. It is theorized by seers of primordial learning, that Tydal was doing this to make Marragh uninhabitable for "seeding" life and naturally doing what most primordials seemed driven to do - returning the creations of the gods back to Chaos.

In the Dawn Era, the worlds were just formed or being formed by the gods. The primordials sought to undo their order and bring all back into the folds of Chaos.

- Thraedli history

In the battle to take down Tydal, she was pierced three times by the Lance of Suffering. This angelic weapon caused perpetual wounds to those of chaos, which either caused death by bleeding or in the case of Tydal, by draining out. This draining of her watery form, weakened her to such a state that she was captured by General Karn and his 16th Legion of Ares. Tydal did not die from her wounds because of her super regenerative powers, which were (and still are) enough to keep her alive but unable to move or do much else.

General Karn asked his commander, the archangel Ares what he should do with Tydal now that they had her. Ares told his General to use the Lance of Suffering a few more times on her, and then let her evaporate in the rays of Merioss. General Karn was about to carry out Ares's order when he decided to contact Bal-Kriav, the Supreme General of Nawirrûs Covenant. Bal-Kriav told Karn do ignore Ares's orders and instead bring Tydal back to Bal-Kriav and take her to Dulpathâra. Ares was not happy with this, but since an order from his commander superseded his own, he could do nothing but brood and tell Bal-Kriav that these primordials we are imprisoning will one day break out or involve mortals in their machinations. Bal-Kriav told him, that we must show compassion to those that deserve it, and that some are just following orders or created to bring havoc on that which we have forged from Chaos.

- from the plague above the entrance to Tydals Safe

Tydal is imprisoned in the vault Tydals Safe. Her massive body is spread across a wide area of Karns Table. As a result of losing water from her perpetual wounds, her body became honeycombed with open areas. Over the thousands of years since she was put here, her body, now a great labyrinth, has served as the lair of many creatures. She amuses herself by letting these creatures come into her eerie domain and only takes action against those she has become bored of. When this happens, water archon defenders spill out of some wall, falling upon those that would displeasure their lord.