Tydals Safe


Tydals Safe is a prison holding the primordial Tydal. She was captured by the angels of the 16th Legion of Ares. Her place of imprisonment is inside a great plateau called Karns Table. The entrance to this place is a towering monument with a brazier of flames reaching 600' into the sky. Those at Gortuns Rock say this fire will burn for as long as Tydal remains locked away. The glass steps that lead up to the monument hold hundreds of Fyrreid locked in perpetual stasis. The combined psychic energies of these former soldiers of Surtur were melded together by Arcana as a counter to Tydal's great mental powers of controlling water.

Tydals Safe can be entered but it is by no means safe. The interior is a watery environment honeycombed with open air and water-filled passages and chambers. Some of these areas serve as lairs for monsters. Once inside these watery passages, you are inside the still living body of Tydal. Sometimes, water archons spill out of a wall or rise from a pool to destroy the "parasites" polluting Tydal's body.