Discus of Ares

Discus of Ares

In the Creation War, Ares battled Bryakus in the wasteland Felbarum. The then archangel Ares used his shield Ares's Shear in this epic combat. One of the properties of this artifact was that it enlarged whenever it was hurled in combat, matching the size category of the target. When the shield's razor edge severed one of the necks off of Bryakus it became lodged in the primordial's great body. Bryakus's blood ended up destroying the great size of the shield and breaking it into many parts. The destruction of Ares's Shear left pieces of arjale scattered about the battle site. This arjale of Ares's Shear has been used to make a few powerful magic items, like the Discus of Ares. - "a mortal version of the legendary Ares's Shear".

The Discus of Ares is a mortal version of the legendary Ares's Shear.

- Shornhorst, "Arjale of Felbarum"

The Discus of Ares is a +3 arjale round shield. The first shield of this type was made in the Council of Bile.

Arjale Quality shield is immune to cold, edge causes +1 additional damage continuous
Discus Hurl can be thrown and returns, upon hit causes base 1-20 hps of damage, range 90'1/round
Shear's Edge when thrown, hits are treated as a sharpness hit on unmodified rolls of 19-20 continuous
Footman of Ares if the holder worships Ares, the shield provides a +5 divine bonus to strength continuous