CategoryCrack Units
Alignmentschaotic evil
Symbolbroken sword surrounded by spears pointing inward
Established9111 GE
Disbanded684 LE

Vauquix was a demon regiment that came to Bal-Kriav in the Demon Spawn War. This abyssal unit was adept at guerrilla tactics and masters of concealment and infiltration. They were a thorn in the side of the goodly forces they battled.

I hate demons, but you have to give your enemy a bit of respect when they so masterly evade envelopment. For ten years, we have been unable to bring an end to the Vauquix. The rifts are closed and the demon invasion is over, yet this unit is still out there. We can only hope they tear themselves apart from the inside and are gone before the mortals come to dominate this world.

- Ares, from a Scroll of Dawn - "The Vauquix"

The Vauquix were led by a crafty demon named Aperoq. This demon commander in turn reported to Graz'zt. One of the last great battles of the Demon Spawn War was fought at Imrabêl. In this battle, the demons were routed. The Vauquix regiment was the only group that remained intact and eluded the angelic pursuers. Aperoq took the unit deep into the Underdark and resisted the urge to dominate any of the beings he encountered. By the end of the God Era, no sighting or word of the Vauquix surfaced. The forces of the Quara'tun Covenant dispersed in the Angelic Departure (9494 GE - 9500 GE), leaving the mortals to deal with any leftover demons. Not long after their leaving, the Vauquix came out of hiding. They went to the surface, beginning a campaign of destruction and subjugation. In the jungles of Ma'Ohari, the Vauquix were disbanded, becoming soldiers or petty lords answering Aperoq, overlord of the newly formed empire Varelay.