RegionLands of Purity

Khilag-Tarkin in the northeastern edge of Hadraniel. The upper edge of the valley merged with the evergreen forest Laucentar. The valley's northern flank is the Storsalds and its southern opposite are the Narakthal peaks.

The valley is rugged and boulder strewn. It descends as heads into Hadraniel where it opens up into the Marrow Fields. Khilag-Tarkin is the most commonly used land route to enter the Lands of Purity from the east. Most of this traffic comes by way of the Sorrow Road through Laucentar and down into Khilag-Tarkin. As such, the valley is very strategic and often referred to as the Gateway to the Lands of Purity.

During the Black Tide War a great battle was fought here. In what became known as the Battle of Breached Pass a divine blessing was laid upon the area. This divine blessing is called the Parry of Ares. It persisted after the battle and over the centuries became a holy site to Ares. Temples, shrines, and statues to Ares are scattered across Khilag-Tarkin and into the Marrow Fields.

Notable Areas