Aphenarun Water

Typeelemental water

Aphenarun Water is a a liquid native to the vast reaches of Chaos. Except for its bluish tint, and the occasional sparkle, it is much like normal water. Alchemists call it Aphenarun Water, a "luxury water" for some to impress guests, but in the lab a valuable ingredient for making potions of water-breathing, swimming, and mixtures for harming Earthen.

Lokestant has a source in Chaos. Somebody gave her the location of something quite dangerous to our kind. Its the stuff the Primordial Lords used to create the first water elementals. Toxic to Earthen, a vial of it thrown against us is equal to a vial of holy water thrown against a vampire, and if you fall into it, its like a Sussgurd being tossed into a pool of lava.

- Drachmon, from a personal diary, "Poison Water"

On the world Bal-Kriav, Aphenarun Water comes from mount Aphenarun.